Siblings Weekend 2024

Febuary 16-18, 2024

What is Seawolf Siblings Weekend?

Seawolf Sibling's Weekend provides an opportunity for our students (on and off-campus students) to invite their little brothers, sisters, cousins, or neighbors (all are encompassed in the term sibling from here forward) to campus for the weekend. There will be activities to keep kids of all ages entertained with movies, crafts, tickets for athletic events, theater productions, video tournaments, karaoke, and more!  

Please note that, while this weekend is generally meant to be for younger siblings ages 5-15, we welcome younger or older siblings if you’d like. Please make sure you are able to care for your younger siblings, and be sure to make your older siblings aware of all campus policies prior to their arrival.

What do participants get?

Our goal is to provide safe and fun on-campus activities for our residents and their siblings. We will provide a variety of options from sporting events, theatre events, and fun at the Recreation Center, to movies, crafts, fun sibling memories, and much more! While we are providing all the events, it is up to you as to how you spend your weekend with your siblings. We will not be hosting any off-campus events, so you will not need transportation.  

You will need info about all your siblings including name, age, shirt size, and emergency contact info.

Register by Friday, February 7, 2024.

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