What to Expect

Prior to Noma Nation Orientation: Ready, set, PREPARE!

Set yourself up for success by completing the following items in advance of Noma Nation Orientation Welcome Week:


  1. ALL students will need to be in compliance with the Vaccine requirements ( documents must be uploaded and accepted by SSU).  Please see the SSU’s Vaccine Requirement webpage for additional information.  
  2. FIRST YEAR STUDENTS need to schedule an advising appointment and register for classes before they move in. Please call the Advising & Transfer Center at 707-664-2730 (weekdays from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) to schedule an appointment.
  3. STUDENTS are required to attend Seawolf Welcome Week (Aug. 16 - Aug. 19), please follow these steps to register, prior to moving in.

​​****this does not apply to Master Degree or Second Bachelor Degree seeking students, or certain undergraduate programs.  Please contact orientation@sonoma.edu if you think this might be you.

Welcome Week Agendas
Welcome Week, August 16-20



Welcome Week, August 16-20


Parent and Guest Tentative Agenda
Tentative Agenda


Required Action Items
Welcome Week

Sign up for Noma Nation Orientation Welcome Week by August 1!

→ Log into MySSU and click the Noma Nation Orientation shortcut link to reserve your place.

**In addition to the $105 fee, there is a $125.00 housing rent only charge for incoming first-year and transfer students participating in Noma Nation Orientation & Welcome Week before housing contracts begin on August 21, 2022.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

→ Complete this task as soon as possible to avoid being locked out of your MySSU portal.


Submit Photo for SSU ID Card

→ Submit Photo to the Seawolf Service Center by: July 29 to ssuidcards@sonoma.edu

→ Headshots only (no hats or sunglasses please!) with face fully visible, looking straight at the camera, with your head and shoulders clearly visible

∙         Color images only, featuring a plain, light-colored background

∙         One person in photo only

∙         Image size should be 1" x 1"

∙         Image file cannot exceed 5 megabytes in size

∙         JPEG file is preferable

∙         No photos with sunglasses or hats will be accepted

*All photo submissions are reviewed before approval and photos that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.  Students will be notified if their picture is not accepted via email. Please note this feature is available to new students only and anyone with an existing photo will not be permitted to submit another photo.


Directions to submit a photo:

To submit a photo for use on your SSU Seawolf ID Card, you MUST include:

1. Your first and last name

2. Your SSU ID# (9-digit number)

3. Attach your photo (photos must be passport style) to your reply email; save the photo as your name and SSU ID# (9-digit number)

Sonoma State Registration Fees

Pay Sonoma State Registration Fees

→ First Fee Payment Deadline for Fall (for students who begin the registration

process from April 11 - May 27) - deadline: July 10

→ Second Fee Payment Deadline (for students who begin the registration process

from May 28 - August 10) - deadline: August 10

→ Third Fee Payment Deadline (Students who began registration during late

registration: August 17 - Sept. 02) - deadline: September 02

Directed Self Placement (DSP)

Complete the Directed Self Placement (DSP) activity

→ Complete by: June 01

Advising and Course Registration

Schedule your Advising Appointment

→ Complete by: June 20

Online Pre-Registration Module

Complete the Online Pre-Registration Module

→ Complete as soon as possible, but no later than prior to attending your Advising Appointment.

→ Access through your Student Services Page, found in MySSU and Click the Online Orientation Link

Attend Appointment and Register

Attend your Advising Appointment & register for classes

→ Complete by: July 22

Final Transcripts

Send all Final Official Transcript(s)

→ Complete by: July 10

Get COVID Clearance from the Student Health Center

Get Clearance from the Student Health Center

→ Submit Immunization Documentation by: July 11

→ Submit ASAP if you have not done this step - you will not be able to move into housing without it!

Review and Purchase Textbooks

Purchase Textbooks

→ Complete by: First-day of classes, if possible.

NOTE: You can rent or purchase books from the Campus Bookstore, Campus

Library, Chegg, Amazon, Northlight, etc. To access a list of books required for your

courses, go to: Online Services > MySSU > Student Center > Weekly Schedule >

List View > Fall 2022 > “Click here to view books required for your courses” or the

SSU bookstore website

Action Items - Optional and Suggested
Purchase a Parking Pass

Purchase Parking Pass

→ (If applicable) Purchase a Semester Parking Pass by: August 08

Apply for On Campus Housing

Apply for On Campus Housing and submit Housing Down Payment

→ The Housing Down Payment is 50% refundable until June 01, 2022; no refunds

thereafter. Students who complete the application process and receive a room

assignment will be charged $250 if they cancel after August 01, 2022 or fail to

check in seven (7) days after the start of the semester.

NOTE: Students must have all housing documentation submitted no later than

August 01.