Why Should I Attend Guest Orientation?

Aside from the chance to experience, on your own, what your students will experience, it is a safe place to learn how to be the best support for your student, ask the questions that are really important to you, and learn how Sonoma State University will support your student during their enrollment and beyond. Most importantly, it’s a fun chance to go back to college- without the homework!

Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Guest Orientation gives you the chance to ask questions that are important to you.
  • Con: I won’t be able to tell my students which classes to sign up for during registration.
  • Pro: We have hired trained and educated professionals who will work directly with your student in order to make sure they get the best available schedule for them and their academic needs and personal goals. Don’t worry, the advisor is responsible for that, you can enjoy!
  • Con: If I'm not with my student all day, will they get the same information?
  • Pro: Ultimately, yes, they will get all the same information you do, and more. But they will get it from peers, advisors, and their orientation leaders. We give them a lot of fun experiences that are also informational for them.
  • Con: If I'm not with my student all day, how will I know where to go, when to go, and who talk to?
  • Pro: Many parents also do not know anyone at Summer Orientation. We have special Summer Orientation Leaders that are just for you. They will be your guides during your two day orientation session. You will also meet other parents who have the same questions as you and fast friendships will form. Capped off with a relaxing evening of music and reception, you will not feel like you missed out at all.
  • Con: My orientation fee does not include accommodations.
  • Pro: We have multiple options for parent accommodations; one will be on campus and another will be a special discounted hotel rate at a local hotel. Think of it like a mini vacation for yourself!