What is Required BEFORE Classes Start?


First-year students must pay their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD) fee before reserving their spot in a NOMA Nation Orientation session. When signing up for Noma Nation Orientation, there is also a $105 non-refundable fee due. Please visit our Register page for instructions on how to register for a NOMA Nation Orientation session.

Two students explore campus at Orientation

You've successfully signed up for First-Year NOMA Nation Orientation. Now what is required before you begin? Here is a checklist for you to follow:

  1. Final Transcripts
  2. Directed Self-Placement at SSU
  3. Early Start Program (you will be notified if this applies to you, please see the section below for details)
  4. Disability Services for Students (please see section below for details)
  5. Immunization Records
  6. Special Circumstance Request for Financial Aid

Complete these items and you're all set. Get ready to have an amazing time at First-Year NOMA Nation Orientation!

Final Transcripts

If you have completed college coursework at another institution(s) or have taken AP tests please remember to request that official transcripts be sent to The Office of Admissions as soon as possible. These transcripts are necessary to make sure we have everything we need to make an accurate evaluation of the college courses you have taken. We want to make sure you get the proper transfer credit and are able to register for classes without any issues. Official final college transcripts with Spring 22 grades and official high school transcripts with graduation date are due by July 1, 2022. We ask that you also bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts to be used for advising in the event that college or AP transcripts are not received in time for all the transfer credit to be processed. Please note that these unofficial transcripts will not be used in lieu of official transcripts nor to lift course prerequisites.

Directed Self-Placement at SSU

Directed Self-Placement (DSP) comprises a set of literacy tasks that students complete in an approximately 2-hour working session online in Canvas (SSU's learning management system). During the DSP process students will:

  • Engage in a series of college-level reading and writing tasks
  • Reflect on their literacy skills preparation
  • Learn about first-year composition/reading courses at SSU
  • Choose their first-year composition/reading course themselves and register for it during Summer Orientation

For more information please visit SSU's Directed Self-Placement website

Early Start Program

The CSU system recently enacted a policy requiring a course called "Early Start" that is mandated for incoming students who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level math and/or English to begin remediation during the summer before coming to the CSU. The goals of Early Start are to better prepare students in math and English before their first semester, thereby improving their chances of completing a college degree. For more information regarding the Early Start Program, please visit the Early Start Program website

Disability Services for Students

If applicable, please contact the Disabilities Services for Students (DSS) office for your needs before or at the time of summer orientation.

Immunization Records

Immunization records will be required for attendance in the Fall 2022 semester. For the most up to date information, please visit Student Health Center.

Special Circumstance Request for Financial Aid

If you have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and you or your family have experienced a significant change in your financial circumstances, please complete a Special Circumstance Request and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

If you are an independent student, please complete a Student Special Circumstance Request form found in the Financial Aid website.

If you are a dependent student, please complete a Parent Special Circumstance Request form found in the Financial Aid website.

The Special Circumstance Request is not required before First-Year NOMA Nation Orientation. For more information, please visit SSU's Financial Aid website